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Selling Your Home


Our objective is to sell your property as quickly as possible for the best possible price. Location, price and condition are important to consider when selling. You can’t change your location but you can price it right. Overpriced properties will lose momentum and excitement – they will become stale and buyers may perceive that something is wrong with the property. Also preparing your home for sale is critical. You only get one chance to make a good first impression. Once you have made the decision to sell, think of your home as a house or product you now want to sell for the best possible price. This will help make it easier as buying and/or selling can be very emotional.

Where to begin:

Curb appeal – if there is no curb appeal, potential buyers may not even get out of their car. Take a look from the road and check to ensure that the lawn is cut, the gardens are weeded, there is no clutter lying around, the windows and front entrance are clean and inviting…

Inside – there are 2 important things to do – declutter and clean!

Declutter – If your house is for sale and you plan on moving why not start packing up and organizing now rather than on moving day. Rent a dumpster and start decluttering. Go through the basement, garage, closets, cupboards, etc., throw out, give away or pack up as much as you can. Rent a temporary storage unit and store your extra boxes (do not store in the garage or basement). If potential buyers see that your garage, basement and closets are packed full they will perceive that there is not enough room for their stuff. Also pack away as many personal items as possible; family photos, religious pictures, etc. You want the potential buyers to focus on your house, not your personal life.

Clean – and then clean again. Windows, floors, woodwork, light fixtures & fans, cupboards, bathrooms, appliances, etc., need to be sparkling. It may be a lot of work but it will be worth it if you sell your house quickly. Staging a home may not necessarily get you more money but it may help sell your house faster and maybe closer to the list price.

Showings – when an Realtor® requests a showing it is helpful to open drapes and blinds, turn on the lights, air out the house if necessary, empty garbage, clean sinks, don’t leave laundry laying around, remove pets and dishes, make sure everything is spotless. Remember buyers are going to look through closets and cupboards. If they see you are organized, they will think that they can be too.

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